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Major Battle:
Begins Saturday July,14,2012 @5pm to7pm EST
Location: Battle Grounds
*Bring as many as you can to fight on your races side, your gonna need them*

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Centuries ago, Lycans and Vampires, both descending from the same ancestor, lived symbiotically. The vampiress were the overlords, while the werewolves acted as their daytime guardians. The Lycans were treated as slaves and grew tired of this fowl treatment of their so familiar counterparts.

Thus the war began, spilling into modern times with more sophisticated weapons. The aim of both sides remains the same, though the defeat and extermination of their foe. a nefarious plan to awaken a new invincible species of predator that combines the strengths of both creatures and the weaknesses of neither, which threatens to tip the balance of power in favor of the werewolves, who have been on the losing end of the struggle for centuries.
The pure-blood Vampire Lady Kasxia is has the rarest blood line of all vampires. She holds power over the vampire covenant along with her sister Momoko Yamamoto, which is played by Haru_Hana.

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1. Choose Your Destiny

2. Location's Reference

3. Battles

4. Add Your Profile (PM Haru_Hana Your Profile it will be added to the members profile page)

5. Start Your Journey!

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1.Each New Guild Member is Human starting off, if you are bitten by either race it takes 3 hours for you to transform; Meaning you will be weak and unable to engage in battle until that time is up. No exceptions

2. You will also want to read each location thoroughly because if you are hanging in an area where Lycans are most common and you want to be Vampire but a Lycan attacks you. You will become a Lycan and Vice-Versa.

3. You will also want to read profiles in the member profile section to become aware of who is lurking in any specific location so that you are able to become the race you wish to be.

4.No Human is allowed in either the Covenant or Lycan cave unless they have been bitten; in which they will reside in their proper races sanctum.

5. If you are a Human and have legitimately waited for a race to attack you for 3hrs+ You are free to choose your side (Lycan or Vampire)

**Hint** There is only a cure so far for reversing the lycan venom. Which is only administered by Lady Kasxia Permission @5k per antidote.

Become a Human Hunter

To become a Human Hunter, Is to simply decide not to join either of the other races but to remain human and hunt vampire and lycan alike. This class is extremely talented at what they do.

Become a Lycan

To become a Lycan, you have to get bitten(attacked) by a wolf. Now once you are bitten. The infection could last the entire 3 hours, or it could last until you get a cure.I personally would rather have to acquire a cure, so it would be harder, in case you want to become a human again. &---In this case you could later then become a Vampire.

Become a Vampire

To become a Vampire, you have to get bitten(attacked) by a fellow vampire. Now once you are bitten, there is a small chance that you will get the infection. This infection turns the Human(you) into a Vampire. The infection last the entire 3 hours. There is no cure for changing back to human once a vampire !!!

Become a Hybrid

A mixture of Vampire and Lycan. You cannot be a hybrid unless you are bitten by the one of the elder vampires and are a lycan or vise-versa

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-Click on a location for quick access-

Aries Academy ~ This an Academy to better your character and gain some rank in the guild

Battle Arenas ~ Places to duel by yourself or with friends and maybe earn youself some extra gold if you come out on top

Vampire's Covenant ~ A safe haven for the Vampire Race

Lycan's Manor ~ A safe haven for the Lycan Race

Hunter's Guild ~ A safe haven for the Human Race

Dark City ~ A city of chaos where all race's collide in battle

Black Market ~ If you character has any weapons, armor, or potions you must come here to acquire them.

Serenity Lake ~ Romance is in the air all races mingle for a chance to meet that special someone.

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Battle Arenas - Places where you can battle by yourself or with friends against opponents. If you can come on top you may earn yourself some extra gold wink

Major Battles- Every Major Battle will be displayed a week in Advance, Every member Lycan or Vampire will gather @ a specific Location at a Specific time to duke it out @ the end of the Two hour session we will then award the Race of the Week

Minor Battles- Anyone Can start a minor battle between the races @ any location at any given time.

Training Battles- Battles among the same race which can be done in any location including their proper races sanctums.