Welcome to the Guild for "Support and Advice for Personal Health and Life Issues"

The reason this group was started was to help others on Gaia gain more information on their personal health, hygiene, and allow them to ask questions about their personal life, that they wish another's opinion on. Here we try our best to give true and factual advice based on our life experiences and researched knowledge.

Our group gives aid and advice based on factual information and does not include a bias based on our personal religions or lifestyle.

We ask that everyone is respectful of each other and does not post any illegitimate question for the sake of making fun or any negative intent. No flaming, religious/spiritual/racial/prejudice bias please.

If you would like to contact us on a more personal matter, feel free to private message the avatars below.We must stress that you add a subject onto your PMs or your message may be overlooked in our Inbox.

Nurse Ichihara YuukoUser Image

How to join:
We require you to answer ALL these questions to be granted membership to this guild. Please answer as honestly as you possibly can. If your answers are not legitimate or are not fit to our moderator's better judgment you may be denied access. Please do not ask us why you were denied access.

Question #1: What is your purpose/interest in joining this guild?
Question #2: Will you be respectful to others, keep your questions legitimate, your answers unbiased (to the best of your ability) and will not disclose any information about other members' posts and personal lives outside of the guild.
Question #3: Understand that if we feel you are in violation of the TOS and any of our rules, are lewd, disrespectful, or obscene, we may terminate your membership to the guild without warning.
Question #4: Will you be asking most of your questions in forum or through private message?

Note: Please understand that we do try our best to get the information out to people and sometimes it will take some time. We do not try to offend, although from time to time, someone hears some information that they do not like, or is against their personal religion or beliefs. Be mindful that it is not of our intention to disrespect. Only inform or give opinions.

Disclaimer: We designate our avatars as "Nurse" so that members know which people run the Guild. None of us are nurses in real life, but we do research our advice to the best of our abilities. If you have any strong medical concerns, please talk to your doctor, pharmacist, or a local counselor. Although we would be happy to help research locations on the internet where you may attain answers to any questions we cannot answer, or that may help your situation more immediately. Any private messages will be kept confidential. The issue may be talked about in a guild thread, but your name (and the names of others, locations, etc..) will be kept secret, as to keep your privacy and trust.