Tokio Hotel Fan Club

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Hello one and all!
I'd like to welcome you all to the Tokio Hotel Fan Club!
This guild is for the fans of the band Tokio Hotel. You can talk about anything you want, but please, when starting a thread, have some relevance to TH.

Mind you, there are some rules to keep a peaceful balance and it is and will always be first and foremost my duty to keep this guild at peace. I would really like it if there were no fighting in this guild.
If you don't like Tokio Hotel, please do not request to join, do not post, just keep your comments to yourself and pass on by to the next guild. It will not be tolerated here.

Please make sure to read the rules before requesting to join. I wouldn't want anyone joining a club without knowing the rules of how to act within the group.

Other than that, please have fun and be free! We're all one big Tokio Hotel loving family.

I ask all members requesting to join PLEASE put this in your request

Why you want to join

**Secret Word

This does not have to be too long. I would just like to see why you want to join this guild. ^^

**To find the secret word, you will HAVE to read the rules. THEY ARE IN THE WELCOME THREAD!
It will prove that you have read them and understand the rules. IF YOU DON'T PUT IN THE SECRET WORD, YOU HAVE NO GROUNDS TO ASK WHY YOU WERE REJECTED.
I'll tell you now, the secret word is NOT Willkommen