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            It is the time of the Yakuza Era. A scary time indeed. Large gangs that were in the gambling business and often dealt goods with others which were shady and probably stolen. Back then when there wasn't fast cars or any technology at all was when this all started. Four gangs were well known in a small village and were possibly the scariest of them all. Soon, these four gangs moved to the city of Tokyo, all aiming for the top but in many different ways, the original leaders had passed on and given all of their ownerships of their gangs to their children. Now that these lot have to live up to their parents reputation and get their gangs become the best, how will they be able to juggle it between school life? As the four leaders and others in their gang attend the school, what will break out because of this? Will they be able to control their gangs, let alone keep their territories?


            These are the rules of this guild, obey them or feel our wrath;

            This is a semi-lit to literate guild, so please try not to be a one liner. I don't mind if it's the odd time but if it's all the time then I will not be happy.

            Gaia ToS
            Follow the Gaia TOS, it means alot...

            This means controlling other people's roleplay characters, being unhitable permanently, immortality, invincibility, etc. Exceptions can be made for certain abilities, and only with the other person's permission. If you think someone else is doing it, then tell them to stop. If you do this after the first two warnings, the character gets suspended or killed off.

            Cursing is sorta okay in this guild, not too strict on it but if you swear too much and end up getting this guild closed down, you asked for it~

            In otherwords, be nice to people, they'll be nice back and don't start arguements off here. We don't wanna hear it, go argue about it in your own time and own guild.

            This has happened in previous guilds, and I'm only gonna say this once. WAIT UNTIL YOUR CHARACTER IS APPROVED BEFORE YOU START TO ROLEPLAY WITH IT! You get one warning, and then the character is permanently dead.

            Gaia these days has kids on it, I should know that for a fact! But seriously, no strip club action, we don't wanna know! Go to PMs or time skip if you really wanna do it! Keep it PG-15

            Auto-hitting and Killing
            Auto-hitting HECK NO. I can understand if you make a mistake every once in a while, but watch it.
            Killing. It can be allowed with the others permission and mine, if I'm nice I might make a grave for them as well or even a funeral xD

            Make your own topic and put in everything about your character in there. But please use the skelly I took me time you know? And once that is done, tell me and I'll read it through and approve it. M'kay?~