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If you have any queries, feel free to PM PoppiHollaPuddelz.
"For me, I'm looking for a fantasy roleplay, so something out of this world...LOL....ehheheeehhe... sorry, the guild name... sorry, okie."
~x Blue Nightingale x

"The world is an interesting place, isn't it?
It is full of many things, too many to even count. The land, the oceans, civilizations, emotions, magic, creatures, and the best thing of all: life."

"Here where she stayed, the very borders vanished, rough shingle and the lapping waves melding."

[Horrendously handsome]
~Hellraiser2015 / Musicalpoet

Welcome to The World is Ours, a haven for roleplayers of all literacy standards. Share your ideas, stories, or even rants with the rest of the roleplaying community. Join us for endless fun!

Here at The World is Ours, we roleplay because we love to. We've got a subforum for any genre imaginable - and if we don't tell me and I'll add one.
Here, craziness is accepted. Insanity is good. Obsession is a determining factor in just what heights your roleplay will rise to. So gather your friends! The more, the merrier.

We believe that every single roleplay out there has potential. Every budding idea, every concept - that's precious! No two roleplays are the same, and we wouldn't dream of stereotyping them either. In this guild, there is only you, your ideas, and the rest of us with ours. Put them into black and white on the subforums or ask around in the Ideas thread.

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Imagination! who can sing thy force?
Or who describe the swiftness of thy course?
Soaring through air to find the bright abode,
Th' empyreal palace of the thund'ring God,
We on thy pinions can surpass the wind,
And leave the rolling universe behind
From star to star the mental optics rove,
Measure the skies, and range the realms above.
There in one view we grasp the mighty whole,
Or with new worlds amaze th' unbounded soul.

~Phillis Wheatley

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"This key, twisting in the shadows of her mind. Marbled shapes, metal flowing over metal in a smooth, sinous wave. It was hard to imagine, what she'd never touched or seen before. Glossed slate, intricate patterns that made no sense next to the rough wood. Almost crude in the simplicity. Ever-changing, in the ebb and flow of the forest wind and piercing rains. No, the key wouldn't be here. [For part three of the join request :: senile old man]
She willed herself up, and off her makeshift chair. Leaving behind peace, throwing herself into the gathering stormclouds. Doomed to be tossed about in the chaos, but there, an inkling of hope. A chance to see the sun.
Voices whistled through the leaves, creating for her a path of sound into the turbulent silence. Paper-thin dancers on the wind, brushing her hair with the lightest of touches. Was this hope? "

Were I to be given wings for a day, I would fly in the sky
Not like all the other birds, I would fly way up high
With nothing to stop me, and the winds on my side
a chance to fulfill my dreams, I would now not hide


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2. An on-the-spot post about an old man's view on city life.
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