Throw you coin over your shoulder for good luck. But you don't need luck for this Wishing Well. We are a charity group that works for you. We help those who need help and help those who don't. This is not a need based Charity Guild. No coin has more value just because someone has more.

Wishes and Specific Item(s) you want that's under 250,000 on the average buy price on the Market. We grant wishes based on your activity in the Guild. We do not grant wishes to nobodies. You need to become a Somebody in this Guild.

Our Rules are Simple. They differ base on each Sub-forum so please read each of them before you post. For our newbies we try to get you on your feet. Anyone who is 7 days old and has 3,000 Achievement points will be able to take a scoop from the Well. That'll be about 50k to start you off!

Our Staff are special people. Please adore them and listen to them. Any disrespect for them is a instant ban. No questions asked.