We are The Warriors Of Olde
We are a pretty nice group.
Feel free to come on in and ask to join if you have the urge
The clan tends to PS, EB, and Hive mostly,
but that does not mean we are against going elsewhere.
We are here to have fun and earn gold at the same time.
If you need help with badges well you can do that here as well

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1. Follow Gaia's T.o.S.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx2. Do not troll or flame other members.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(I do not see this happening but it is best to add it here anyways)
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx3. Be respectful and friendly to each other.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(If we are a clan we need to work together.)
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx4. If you are on a run designate a leader for that run and let them be in charge.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxNo back seat leading.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(This only counts for times ChuVonya is not in your group. She's normal lead.)
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5. When in a group listen and don't leech.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxIf you have to do something quick. Announce it.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(I'm sure we have all had those people a few times)
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx6. Do Not Post in the Guides and Walkthroughs Section
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx7. Most importantly have fun.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx** Please do not donate to the guild.

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