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NOTE: The UGMF is a mil-sim RP guild. Please understand what RP is before you apply. All applications without a roleplay sample will be immediately denied. Further, most of our OOC activity takes place on Skype and we run some of our operations in the public forums, it may not seem like it but there's a lot going on right now.

On March 9th, 2005, The United Gaian Military Forces were founded by General Sim_Cat. While the guild started small, as time went on, more members joined, attracted by the promise of realistic military role playing. The UGMF has gone under many reforms in the past seven years, and many members have come and gone. Currently the UGMF is under a new reformation, led by General Dazereth. This new reformation hopes to launch the UGMF into a new golden age, promising to make it Gaia's best and biggest military role playing guild once more.

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Even in an age of modern ships and aircraft, no military force can hope to achieve victory without an army. The United Gaian Army is the largest branch of the UGMF, serving as it's power on the ground. It is also the oldest branch of the UGMF, having served Gaia even before the formation of the Confederacy. Whether driving deep into enemy territory with tanks, denying control of an area with artillery, or occupying a city or nation with infantry, the Army is prepared for the task.

The Army has the ability to carry out almost any task asked of it. It's armored vehicles can smash through enemy lines, clearing the way for mechanized infantry and air cavalry. It's artillery can level entire cities, or drop GPS-guided shells with enough precision to take out a single building. It's airborne infantry can land behind the enemy and wreak havoc. An it's engineers can sabotage strategic areas and clear obstacles.
If roaring across the battlefield in tanks, pounding the ground as infantry or obliterating the enemy with powerful artillery appeals to you, the United Gaian Army is the place to be.

>Daz's Note:

The UGMF is an open forum for RP, there is no reason to believe that all we do here is military RP. Most literate roleplay is accepted here. Steampunk, Fantasy, Historical, TV/Movie/Game cannon or AU. You can be as violent as you like, but I'd prefer you kept sexuality to a PG level.

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    Username: (Gaia account Username)

    RPC name: (A semi realistic first and last character name)

    RPC age: (Note, only characters 18 years or over will be accepted)

    Reason for joining: (Explain using a couple of sentences why you wish to join)

    RP example: (Write a 2-paragraph story featuring your character. Third-person
    past-tense like a book, make sure you use the best literate skills you have. Must be 100-200 words long.)

    We request that you change your Private Message Settings if they are set to "No"
    or "Friends Only", so that we may PM you important information upon acceptance or denial of your application.