One day during a massive meteor shower in all the universes, caused all of them to join in unity. Most knew this day would come, so preparations were made and as a result alliances were formed fast. Several Organizations joined forces: Akatsuki, Apostle of Stars, The Espada, Organization 13 and the Homunculi, and several others have joined forces. As of this point in time there is no leader among this group. This group is known as the Takanuva Alliance or the TA. The current goal of this organization is: Take over the world to form a perfect Eden, to gain immortality, and destroy those that oppose them.

Some hero’s have also joined together in order to defeat this order and its ways. This alliance is in need of help, for there are very few that know what is going on. And then they those that are very TRUSTING. This alliance of Hero’s is known as the Edades Alliance or the EA. It is filled hero’s from all universes, Naruto, Train Heartnet, Son Goku, Sora, Inuyasha, Ichigo, and many more.
The TA’s dream seems logical to an extent however the EA know that all it will bring is war and constant bloodshed. Who wins? Who loses? Who lives? Who dies? Who gets corrupted? Who will change history? Who falls in love? Guess what WE decide!

The Crossover Rp Commandments: I will know if you didn't read the rules!!!!!

1- Remember to follow the GAIA TOS, rules and regulations
2- Follow ALL roleplaying rules as well given by the admins and mods of Gaiaonline
3- Remember My mods and myself have the power to change to rules at any given time
4- Please be respectful to all your fellow roleplays
5- NO GODMODDING!!!!! I am the god of this Rp so live with it
6- Keep all romance to a level of pg-16. NO SEX or anything that would mess up a young kids mind. Also keep violence to a min plz
7- Keep cussing to a minimum unless your character is a cursing freak *Coughs* Hidan.
8- Each person, is allowed to 4 canon characters, and as many oc’s as you like. Just remember to post as each of your characters
9- This is a literate Rp, no one liners!!! Proper grammar and spelling please.
10- When in OoC please use, (()),{{}},[[]], or OoC: Type then BaC: Post
11- Since this is a literate rp, please use “” when speaking and ‘italics’ when thinking.
12- At least 1 paragraph with 7 sentences per post per character
13- Please decorate your posts. BUT NO BRIGHT COLORS!!!! THEY HURT MY EYES!!!!!!
14- Please highlight this entire post
15- The title for the PM’s is Takanuva Alliance
16- The real title is TAMCRP TA ER :Ninja:

Rules. 1.2
There is no character limit just make sure you you can handle the characters you take.

wahmbulance ((Note since this involves many universes, it can have different forms of the same character.))

Canon Chars
My name is:
I am from the universe of: name of game or show
I am this many years old:
A brief history of my past: Just 5-6 sentences about the character past. Don’t need a full bio!!!!
Special Abilities: (EX: Powers, Jutsu, Magic, ect.)
My personality: How the character acts:
Weapons: If any
Alliance: TA or EA
Apearance: [imgright] insert image url here, must be jpeg format [/imgright]
Rp sample:

Oc Chars:

My Name is:
I am this many years old:
I come from the universe: name of game or show
Bio: Please give a good description of the past at least 2 paragraphs with 8 sentences
Personality: 5-8 adjectives describing your personality
Hair color:
Eye Color:
Alliance: TA or EA
Weapons: if applicable
Special Abilities: (Powers, Jutsu, magic, ect.)
Apearance: [imgleft] ] insert image url here, must be jpeg format [/imgleft]
RP Sample: