If you do not post your RPC and post after approved at least once within the first two weeks of joing, you will be booted!

If you are inactive for a month or so, you will be booted!

When you send the request please include:

D0 u T@Lk Lieyk Ch33F?? If so gtfo, I don't want your kind in my guild. This means you must use proper grammer and spelling when posting in this guild. No text talk and no shortcuts. The only place that is acceptable is in the OOC, but it must be readable.

Are you a weeaboo? (AKA Talk like you're japanese when you're not.) If so stay out, you're not welcome.

Are you going to challenge my authority and story line? Constructive criticism is welcome but don't ever try to change my story to benefit you/your character.

Are you going to have fun? If not you probably shouldn't join anyway.

You will get two warnings for breaking rules before being temporarily banned. Any other rule breaking from there will result in you being kicked out of this guild.

Guild Rules:
1. Respect all Crew and VCs, and Capitan.
2. Keep cussing to a happy medium and remember little kids do role play too.
4. NO GODMODDING without the Capitan consent or that of a VC.
5. No killing other peoples characters without the permission of a VC or Capitan first.

There are 13 squads and all of them need captains and soul reapers with strength coursing through their veins. Can you handle it and survive everything that will be thrown at you through out the oncoming days?


Squad 1:
Head Captain: Oruki Sakaguchi
Lt: Open

Squad 2:
Captain: Open
Lt: Open

Squad 3:
Captain: Open
Lt: open

Squad 4:
Captain: Fujiko Matsumoto
Lt: open

Squad 5:
Captain: Open
Lt: open

Squad 6:
Captain: Open
Lt: open

Squad 7:
Captain: open
Lt: Open

Squad 8:
Captain: Open
Lt: Open

Squad 9:
Captain: Open
Lt: open

Squad 10:
Captain: Kokeshi Sakaguchi
Lt: Open

Squad 11:
Captain: Wolf Uraki
Lt: Open

Squad 12:
Captain: Open
Lt: open

Squad 13:
Captain: Open
Lt: Open


Espada 1: Open

Espada 2: open

Espada 3: open

Espada 4: open

Espada 5: open

Espada 6: open

Espada 7:open

Espada 8: open

Espada 9: open

Espada 10: open


1. Fujimoto Kaito



Rogues- Shinigami, Arrancars, and ETC.

Misc. ~ Substitute Shinigami and etc