Tired of searching through forums for a good S&M RP?

Join us! Make a master, a mistress, or a slave! Feel free to have a good time.

There are NO rules other than to follow Gaia TOS. Do as you please! Just remember this is an RP guild and not a guild for actual avatar slavery. You can't make your slaves give you gold or items.

To join, Answer these questions in your join request
1. Do you have any experience with RP?
2. Can you give an example of your skills? 2-3 sentences or longer if possible.
Remember that if you don't answer the question or give us an example then we'll have to deny your join request.

We try to clean the forum as much as we can with all the members we have, so please excuse the large amount of new and old posts.

To prove you've read the rules, please include "Yes, master!" in your join request.