The Rogue Syndicate is a "collection" of sorts... a "collection" of dangerous people, who are all sufficient in some type of combat. Whether your specialty be guns, swords, knives, daggers, bow and arrow, hand to hand, ect. you all are welcome to join. We do not ask much here in the 'Syndicate... only that you lend a hand when needed, and most importantly.. HAVE FUN. We are all equal for the most part, but just like every organization, there must be some sort of leader, that's me. Otherwise, it all comes down to seniority. I prefer for there to be no backstabbing, if a problem/conflict arrises between two Syndicate members, I would like to see them 'duke it out' as men. We will have a role-play session where the two members in question will go at it hand-to-hand. There are no penalties for losing... other than the lack of bragging rights, I suppose. Like I said. the most important thing is to HAVE FUN! ENJOY!!