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Everyone gets excepted here!

THE RULES (As written by the great man, ThE ThE)
1. Acknowledge the awesome character that is Rock Lee.
2. Don't make any Smut related Topics. (least not till I make a sub for that)
3. Plz be friendly
4. You don't need any fancy speech for your join request, just write something.
5. Alot of Lee fans aren't real Sasuke friendly, so do be careful of what you say, unless you want an argument to start.
6. If I see any arguing you may be subjected to being removed from the guild temporary or perminantly depending on how frequently this happens.
7. And last...ThE

(Rules Added By `[Viper])
8. (added to rule 2) Keep activity here to PG-13, children watch the show and join this guild.
9. (added to rules 5 & 6) This is now a "Naruto Fan Guild", do not flame anyone, because more than likely, they have a fan in here. (Go to the SHU Subforum)
10. All Gaian versions of the Naruto Characters are licensed to `[Viper], do not use without permission.