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Read the whole damn post.

Welcome to the RENT Guild.

It is a place where all seasons are the Season of Love. To Join just post the following

Favorite Song
Favorite Character and why
When you first saw it
What you need to know: For all stupid peole out there... you need to know something in this text.

Also You must know that after a weeks time I will EVICT you for not paying your rent, also know as not making a post in the guild.

Now, about the guild... we have 4 forums which are the following:

Main Forum:
This forum is for talking about the actors of Rent. This includes the actual characters themselves. You can also discuss things brought out in the play/movie, such as AIDS and HIV

Rent Music Forum:
Place for talking about any type of Music in RENT, from who sings it, to the actual lyrics.

Other Music Forum:
A place for talking about unrelated music to RENT, such as Lil' Kim, Enya, etc.

Fan Created Forum:
If you have made a music video about RENT or found one... or any type of Fan created thing about RENT this is the place for it. If you have read all of this then put the words "Cotton Eyed Joe" in your post. You need to know that to get into the guild

I HATE moving and deleting threads. It pisses me off.