Welcome to Hell

Well it happened. The world really did end in December. Mass famine, disease, and death ensued. For weeks we sat in darkness and prayed that our number wouldn't be called. The tremors and flooding have finally stopped. The machine guns have stopped echoing across town. It is time to leave the nest. We stumble out into the light and nothing is the same. Houses completely destroyed. No running water, electricity, Internet, or people. It's empty. And the search for survivors begins. But they are few and far between. Of the millions there are now hundreds. So now we start from scratch. Building our lives from the ground up. This is our story.

It's cold and wet. There is ice, but no snow. Typical Washington weather. Plants are still alive on the ground and the grass is still green. There is hope for survival. Enough people have died that there is still plenty to loot in the towns and cities. Different parties reside in different areas and there is plenty of space for the taking.

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