The Rapture: An MMORPG fantasy.
A new game has been released. People from all over the world are running to their nearest gaming shop or website to try to order this revolution. A game with fully customisable characters, where you can make your own destiny. For those who want direction while gaming, there are quests, bosses and substories to follow. There are hundreds of rare items to collect, armours which you can buy or craft, you can fish, hunt, or relax in a local inn. There are whole countries to explore, and while the game is fighting based, battling isn't everything. Questing and pimpin' your character can be some of the most interesting parts of the game.
The whole game is set on a global scale. 'The Rapture' boasts the most servers ever used for an MMORPG, and is available to play in 90% of all countries.
There are 5 classes to choose from. Fighter. Ranger. Mage. Necromancer. Priest.