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        Purgatory is a place or condition of suffering, expiation, or remorse. Roman Catholics believe that purgatory is a place or condition of temporary punishment meant to cleanse those who are destined for heaven but who are yet not quite ready for it. Is this it?

        Is this their purgatory? Is everyone in the forest dead? Or is it just an unnaturally large place where people go missing and find themselves stuck, unable to escape, failing to remember how they came to be here? After all, people do go missing all the time.

        The ones that are stuck here, however, have to battle for survival. They may form strong bonds with other people, whether those bonds be full of hate or love. Enemies are made, hearts are broken, relationships form and people are killed. They may find old faces, discover lost family or come across something from a long time ago which they'd forgotten - they might even have lived in the forest for as long as they can remember. Some develop their own meaning of being here.

        We write, we decide.