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Thirty years ago the Akatsuki tried to capture and steal the power of all of the tailed spirits. They failed in their attempt, and most of them were either killed or escaped and haven’t been seen from since. Most of the Hidden Villages have seen many years of prosperity and growth. Now, over the last two years there have been whispers of the Akatsuki beginning activity once again.

Many scouts from all of the Villages have gone out looking for these Akatsuki, most of whom never return. Of the few who have come back, none have recognized a single member. This leads people to believe that this is a completely new Akatsuki with completely different goals. All of the Villages are now trying to prepare for a possible Akatsuki attack.

Other Info:

Hokage: Naruto Uzumaki
Kazekage: Gaara of the Sand

Time Frame: 30 years after the end of "Naruto."

Remember this time frame when creating your parantage. If you want to be in the Uchiha bloodline, you better come up with an amazing background story.

The Guild rules are located in the General Information sub-forum
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