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Please keep on reading to find out about our guild, and why we want you to join us, and what's in it for YOU.

All you need to do to join is click the little 'join now' button over there *points* Easy right? I hope so. Also, many people have not been reading the rules before they join, and it's really irritating. READ THE DAMN RULES. If you don't, I will REMOVE YOU FROM THE GUILD.

And if you just joined, please introduce yourself in the ♠Introduce You!♠thread, and please read the Outlaw Wolf Pack GUIDE.

The Beginning of it All
This guild was made on December 6, 2010 by me and my friend, BlizzardAndTwo. I've been working hard trying to make the guild great since. As the guild has grown, we've collected some awesome members who both help the guild and have special jobs. We are very active with many subforms, contests, and other things to enjoy.

The Outlaw Wolf Pack, also known as O.W.P, is filled with great people who want to help everyone and make this guild a fun experience for everyone; people like me, BlizzardAndTwo, -Muu Maii- and Slothiiey. We're all very nice, and mature enough to help, but we're also very fun to talk and hang out with. You'll have fun here, no matter who you are, and if you don't, you can always tell us why, and we'll try to fix it! Plus, you can talk about anything here.

User ImageWe have a guild mule! OWP Mule is the name, and Donate by clicking this or the button below.
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Rules and Regulations
1. Keep this place alive. It makes us happy =)
2. Respect all our members. We'll do the same for you.
3. Do not beg for items/gold.
4. Do not spam.
5. No page stretching.
6. Do not beg to be promoted to Crew. There is a thread about getting promoted.
7. Have your wishlist public. Occasionally we may have a contest with the prize being something off your list!
8. Please, introduce yourselves in the "Introduce You!" topic. We don't like strangers wink
9. Send all donations to OWP Mule.
Have fun! Don't be a party cramp.

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Black List
bladezzx - broke rule #5

Special Members
DarkSydneyVictoria; Founder/Moderator/Captain
BlizzardAndTwo; Co-Founder/Moderator
-Muu Maii-; Guild Artist/Moderator
slothiiiey; Guild Coder/Moderator
OWP Mule; Guild Mule

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Affiliates(Just PM the Captain or a Vice Captain to be listed here!)
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