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Welcome to "The Otaku Review!"
Where we read crappy Manga and watch crappy Anime...
so you don't have to!

This is a guild where you can review, rate, and critique Manga and Anime! There's nothing worse than starting a Manga or Anime you thought would be interesting, only to discover it was a flaming pile of crap. Here at "The Otaku Review", you can post exactly what you thought about it and help to get people to either see it or steer clear.

To read reviews, visit both the Manga Reviews and the Anime Reviews subforums!

Please remember all reviews are a matter of the reviewer's opinions.

Also, guild members can post a list of their favorite stuff in both the "Reccomended Manga Lists" and the "Reccomended Anime Lists" subforums!

You don't have to be a member to read reviews, but you do if you wish to review or enter any contests held.

Speaking of contests, here are the contest winners for our monthly review contest!
The theme was "Slice-of-Life June!"

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First Place

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Second Place

If you wish to join, the guild is free! The request form should cover these bases:
1. Do you read a lot of Manga and/or watch a lot of Anime?
2. If so, about how much in a week? If not, why?
3. Tell me about your favorite Manga and/or Anime! No more than a paragraph, please!

Please read and sign the rules before posting. They can be found in the "Rules" section of the forum.

Please write so others can understand clearly.
Text speak is NOT clear!

All donations to the guild should be sent to
TheOtakuReview, the guild mule.

Any questions, ideas, or issues concerning the guild should be directed to the "Help" sticky in the main forum.
You can also PM PeachGardenOath, the guild Captain, or, if she is unreachable for any reason,Tribaut, the guild Vice-Captain.

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