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Hello my darling little orphans whom I don't know names of ,yet. My name is Yuki Dokuro(My character's name) don't forget it I'm also the headmistress. It's a pleasure to be of service *bows* I will tell you about the Orphanage, yes.

Well then keep your head up or I'll eventually chop it off as a consequence.
*Clears throat*
Anyway, the Orphanage is a splendid place for little devils I mean children that have be abandon by their parents and waiting to be adopted or you can adopt them, pick wisely. *wink*
You have four options...

Your an adult and you want to have some children, then you found a sweet innocent boy/girl that doesn't have a family anymore. You have decided you wanted to adopted the child. The second he/she sets foot inside your humbly home...just know it will turn into ruins the next day, make note I won't be responsible or pay for the damages.

Your an orphan waiting day by day waiting to get adopted. Your roommate looks normal but he/she might be the Devil's child or a vampire waiting for you ever night to fall in deep slumber then feast on your crimson blood, sucking you dry. You have to be younger than 18. (Your character's age)

Your a member of the staff at the Orphanage. The headmistress gives you a job around the place, like the Gardener, the Cook, the Maid, and etc. That isn't all really I need someone to train and take care of the Hell hound I mean the watch dog, oh and I need to find another Undertaker...Don't ask why.

Your a member of the forces of evil threatening and haunting part of the orphanage or plotting for revenge or having the whole world finally in your palms and tormenting worthless mortal souls for your desired entertainment and pleasure. (This spot is limited)

As you explore the Orphanage each person tells a story about Death, Secrets, One of the Seven Deadly Sins the rest is up to you to wonder in this twisted fairytale.
Each orphan has a dark sinister past are you ready to interact it and bring he/she back to the present.

Doesn't that sound wonderful?

I will accept you to come to this carefree, adequate and friendly orphanage.

I will be expecting you.

If you want to join this guild you must have:
1. A good reason, why you want to join?
2. How active are you around Gaia?
3. A RP sample. (Sending a link is acceptable)