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Welcome to the official Resident Evil guild. This guild was established as a new safe room for the regulars who belonged to the original Official Resident Evil thread in the Video Games Discussion Forum.

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1.) Off-topic discussions belong in the Chatterbox stickie.
2.) Flaming or personal attacks will result in a ban along with a report to the Gaia moderators.
3.) Personal conversations belong in the PMs.
4.) Use proper spelling and grammar to the best of your ability.
5.) Follow the Gaia TOS. We can not stress this enough
6.) If you are not active in this guild within a month, you will be banned.

We also request that you fill out this form so we can be sure that you read the above rules and to see if you know any about Resident Evil.

1.) What is your favorite Resident Evil game and why?
2.) Who were the three founding members of the Umbrella Corporation?
3.) Which game featured the TG-Virus?
4.) Who designed the Spencer Mansion in Arklay Mountain?

Username: John
Password: Ada

(yes, you do need the security log in with your entry questions)

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It is necessary that we as a guild point this out to all incoming new members. It's not that we hate Resident Evil 4 or even Resident Evil 5 as they are excellent games. However, we feel that they're not really good RE games. They both brought in something awesome to the series but at the same time it lost all sense of Survival Horror or what the classic RE games were about.

We do not care if you like Resident Evil 4 or 5. All we care about is if you are "Resident Evil savvy" as in you have played the other games. This is quite obviously not a guild centered on a specific game.

We do not, however, condone the opinions of those who simply hated the games because "they were stupid" and would goes as far as to bash those who legitimately loved the games.