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Hi everyone! Welcome to the guild! As far as we know we are the only guild dedicated ONLY to the series Kiddy Grade, and in particular it's two stars. No, sadly you can't flirt with Eclair or Lumiere here, we're Official in the respect we're the first and only guild dedicated to the anime series Kiddy Grade alone, and it's two stars. This guild is dedicated especially for fans of ES Members Eclair and Lumiere!!. As far as we are awre it is the first and only Guild in Gaia dedicated to the series alone. Join our guild, become a Gaian GOTT Agent, and get access to Kiddy Grade wall-papers and themes, discussion forums, and competitions!

Loads of cool Kiddy Grade wall-papers and pics for you to download. Kiddy grade sigs, and more. General chat & spam threads, polls, bump threads, RP's and more! Guild currently under construction, so get in and help with your suggestions. Membership is 100% FREE!

Read about the series in our forums. Post your own topics regarding Kiddy Grade. Guild still partially under construction, but welcomeing new members!

Our rules our simple

  • No abuse or flaming allowed inside!!!
  • Not negative or insulting posts or PM's
  • Respect all guild crew and members
  • All conduct is by Gaia ToS & Rule & Guidelines ^^
  • Be kind to and assist ALL new players
  • Refer any crew complaints to guild captain or staff
  • And most important! HAVE FUN! rofl

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