The guild entrance exam is being put into effect as of 10/3/04.

Please answer the questions in the application box that says "why do you want to join this guild?".

1. Why do you want to join the Fullmetal Alchemist Guild?
2. Have you seen the complete series? If not, how many episodes have you seen? (note that you will not be penalized for not having seen the entire show)
3. Who is your favorite character and why?
4. What do you feel is the main theme/moral/message of FMA? (note: if you are going to put equivalent exchange as your answer, you must expand on it.)

Please answer all of the questions or I will not be able to accept you. Remember that the point of these questions is to see if you are capable of intelligent discussion (so try to use correct grammar, complete sentences, punctuation, etc.)

Current members of the guild do not have to reapply.

NOTE: There are spoilers in this guild. If you have only seen a few episodes, I will still consider your application. But it is recommended that you wait until seeing more of the show before joining because it is easy to get things spoiled here.

NOTEv2: I don't mind if you PM me about being denied, but before you do ask yourself these questions: 1. Did I answer all of the questions? 2. Did I give explanations for questions that ask for them? 3. Were my answers shallow?
Almost every denial is a result of one of these three problems.

Welcome to the official (and by official, I mean the biggest and greatest, not to mention Gaia's first) FMA guild. As you would expect, it's a place for FMA fans to discuss the series and talk to other FMA fans.

This guild is mainly aimed at intelligent discussion so we ask that you please keep spam to a minimum.

A hint for those who are thinking of applying: Try to use proper spelling and grammar and avoid internet slang. You are trying to make yourself look intelligent. And please, answer the questions in the guild exam or you will have to reapply.