This is a permanent guild! I made this guild so my friends and I could store our characters in a safe place, develop relationships/characters, and casually role play.
This guild does not follow a strict schedule and you are NOT required to post every single day. We're laidback, we bend for YOUR schedule.
So if you want a role-play that will last years, make sure to join.

███████████████ T h e--P l o t


Everyone has neighbors, and they've all got their ups and downs. The family living across the street might have loud and obnoxious twins. The ones living next door could own a huge white tiger. The other family next door might have a smoking dad, sick mom, angry son, and a hateful daughter.

It's not the best neighborhood, but it's also because all of these neighbors aren't human; sure they might look like they are, but the family with twins are actually Demons. The man who owns the white tiger is a shape-shifter and the other family is a family of vampires.

You could see the ups and downs of your neighbors. The boy living next door might be kinda cute while your best friend lives right down the street. Too bad all your parents hate each other.

Now, how will you survive in this chaotic neighborhood? Will you bake cookies like a good neighbor, or will you be having sex loudly so everyone on the block can hear you?

Please include this with your join request.

RP Sample: (Must be at least 1-2 paragraphs, you may link to RPs)
How Active will you be:
How'd you find out about us?