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Many, many years ago, we were strong. Families and gatherings of us ruled the night, survived off the lesser creatures. Yet we never knew what it was like to truly live; hiding in our shadows and creeping across the floors. Times have changed since then. There was once a family of vampires who were quite close to becoming the only open vampires in the world, and yet due to their narcissism and selfishness, their family crumbled and left their supporters hopeless. Abandoned. Many dissolved back into secrecy after that time, drained, tired and uninspired to do what they all wished to work for. To live openly. It has always been dangerous in small amounts, but it was always been done the wrong way.... But not anymore.
Whereas back then her past attempts to do some good by their kind by supporting those failures had reaped not one benefit, she now has the opportunity to bring them unto the level of living they deserve. Now will be different. Now she has money, and money does wonders. She bought a vast amount of property, build a structure, and began a business.

In this place, we can steal the foundations and securities from under their asses and they will be want to keep us happy. We will continue hiding for now, integrated with them in this place, our shining light, and we will protect them. They will pay for it. We will be their landlords, their owners, their business partners, their share holders, and they will not think to cross us. Now is the time to put our kind out to live in the world unashamed and free.

This new world.

The corporate world of power which influences and governs all from the everyday man to the most powerful politician. Just a little more time, is all it will take. They wont know what hit them, and that's how it should be. Secrecy is something we are good at after all, and here we can make sure that they have no strength against us when it is time for the veil to be lifted and our names to be spoken once more... Vampires! But all will be revealed in time. For now, we will run this place and she will set the stage for the revolution that has been long overdue, and king's city will belong to them. Whether the employees of this business know for what, or WHO they are working for... Or not.

Welcome to the Ne'erdowells Organization.