Welcome To Naughty Or Nice!

The N&N is a guild Mockary created after the success of her and Pvc's Christmas giveaway. With gifts sent in over 150 trades she decided a guild would be fun. Even though she met many meanie heads she still found some great gaians who made her want to make this guild. N&N is a guild for people to make friends, help others, get goodies, and just have fun. We call ourselves Naughty or Nice because we only allow nice gaians here. This is because we hate drama and enjoy giving gifts to those who deserve them. We hate branding people Naughty, but so many are naughty thats why we keep The Naughty List. We also believe you should keep the Christmas spirit all year long.

Now if you'd like to join N&N please fill out the below form and remember we like our members to care about more then just getting free stuff and we like our members to be active.

Just so you know Naughty Ho Is a Mule used by Myself (Mockary/Ronnerkins). Ho is the account we keep items and gold on to giveaway. Donations are loved and should only be sent to Ho. Just like PMs should only be sent to Naughty Ho.

Reason To Join:
How Did You Learn About Us:

We're always watching with our good eye so remember to live like every day is Christmas!

Oh some rules to keep you off the Naughty List:
No Spamming
No Lying
No Stealing
No Pming Mockary Or Teh Mods
No Begging
No Argueing
No Drama