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█Back Story:► The Multiverse is a world of magic and wonders, but tainted by the occasional presence of power struggles and dark forces and creatures roaming the wildlands outside of civilized settlements. It is set in a time similar to the Medieval Ages of Europe, but with the presence of magic-fueled technology.

Magic is split in 12 elements: Fire, water, earth, plant, wind, thunder, body, mind, soul, light, dark and the almighty Gravity. Magic is accessible by all though some elements are harder to unlock than others, notably Gravity, what is considered the ultimate element, but the last person who has made such claims had sparked a war.

The Multiverse is overseen by 12 Suns, rotating around it in geo synchronistic orbit and 12 superbeings known as AVATARS, each the very embodiment of one of the magical element. Their duty is to oversee the stability of the Multiverse and see that is prospers without degenerating into chaos. The process of being chosen to become an AVATAR still remain unknown.

The lands are split between city-states who pledge their alliances to factions known either as Houses or Guilds. Guilds are forms of exclusive government meaning that they will not allow an individual of another member to join their ranks. Houses are a gathering of individuals and Guilds sharing the same ideals.

The current Houses are Peace, Chaos and Twilight promoting Law and Order, War and Violence, and Neutrality respectively. Although constantly trying to transgress onto one other's territories to expand their influences, the forces of Guilds and Houses have always been equal enough to serve as a deterrent for all out wars.

Until a new leader of the guild Evolution rose to power.

This newcomer wasted no time doing what his predecessor did not have the nerves to do nor the power to do: declare ware. It slaughtered the leaders of all other Guilds and Houses, captured their officers, tortured them to turn them into a grotesque mockery of their previous selves. He went on to slaughter members of opposing factions and wreck havoc amongst the common folks. It came to the point that the awakened AVATARS had to step in else see the world brought to their ruins only to realize that this man was an AVATAR himself, an AVATAR with traitorous AVATAR allies.

The initial war against the AVATAR ended with Evolution's victory and the death of the other AVATARS, but it served to weaken him greatly, forcing him back into guerilla war while he builds back his army and strength. Meanwhile, the survivors of the defeated Guilds and Houses have started regrouping to elect new leaders. Now, more than ever, cooperation between the once rivals is more important than ever, yet most are still reticent. Secrets are kept, hidden agenda are made as each try to further hide the skeletons rotting in their closet.

█What this RP is about:► This RP is built so that everyone may have the chance to affect the story itself and not just leaders and crew members. Every action counts and every role-player matters. Even new members could dramatically change the course of the RP as a whole so do not hesitate to bring forth new ideas.

█Need to know:►Before you join here's what you need to know.
First, there are three sides to pick from.
The side of Peace(good), the side of Chaos(bad) or the side of Twilight(neutral). These are called Houses.

Then there are factions called Guild's. Each guild holds power over an area of the world and works in a different way.
Each guild sides with a house as ether good evil or neutral.
Each has a different ranking system and is ruled by a council of 3 people 1 of whom will be crew member.
Each guild also has its own ranking system and bounces for its members as well as a lot more !

There are 12 element's which determent your powers in the RP. You can learn all 12 how ever you only start with 1 if you want it at all.

There are about 40 different races to play as. Each with its own natural ability. Each has its own way of doing things.

We're a semi-literate-RP-guild.
Unlike many others, we don't go over board and jump a person for bad grammar. If you are a bad speller and need help I am sure you'll be able to find someone willing and able to help you out. We under stand not every one has English as a first language.

DONT BE SCARED OF THE NUMBER OF SUB-FORMS AND THREADS PLEASE! Once you start you only need to do your profile, pick a guild IF YOU WANT and then then your starting area in the world. Then from there its pretty straight forward.

Code of Conduct
█►Never disrespect any of the crew or another member !
█►The PW is 42!
█►Be respectful when not in an RP thread !
█►Role playing a character as abrasive and or rude is one thing, but if you, as a player, act that same way out of a RP, then there is no excuse for that behavior!
█►Anyone found trying to help a member rejoin after they have been removed will be removed themselves!

Copy Paste the following Application form in the Join Request box. Without it, your application WILL BE DENIED

1.The Password is Applications without the password will just be ignored. It is somewhere on the home page. If you've read it, you will find it.
2.Experience How long have you been an active RPer?
3.My Role-play SampleGive us an RP Sample please.

2.RP Experience:
3.My RP sample:

Please send all donations to the guild mule~ [clicky]