the mortal instruments roleplay is for people that love the book series or a good roleplay for people to start out with so please be curteous to everyone.
Rules Read before anything!!!!

1.) No trolling
2) NO Godding
3.) romance is acceptable but keep nothing over pg-13
4.) watch your language you can cuss but no F bombs and not every word you say
5.) do not kill peoples characters unless permited by me or any vice captain
6.) have fun and be active

you can be any monster you wish to be but you are called a downworlder

Nephilim decendents of the angel Raziel half angel half human we go by the term shadow hunter DO NOT HAVE ANGEL WINGS they drank the blood of the angel Raziel they are just as human just can bear runes my bad peoples

Silent brother same as nephilim only with psychic powers and all male have their eyes and mouth sown shut.

Mundanes are just humans humans cant see downworlders or nephilim or the silent brothers unless they have been awakened to the world meaning by intervention or we introduce it to them which is highly forbidden. (can make exceptions if they are your friend XP )

Warlocks:contain demon blood which give them access to magic very wise.
forsaken and demons are mindless beings that only kill the only demons with a mind are greater demons and those are the demons mentioned in the bible.

forsaken are humans or downworlders that have been burned with runes if you are not a silent brother or a nephilim you cant bear runes or you will go insane.