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In the land of Gaia, its residents originated from many a place. Some came from the heavens, the hells, the deepest of forests or the darkest of caves.

But there are some who were created with brass, iron, and binary strands more complex than the average gaian chromosome. Whether they had always been this way, or had become altered by means of modern day technology, these Gaians hold high pride for themselves. Alongside these unique citizens are those that create and interact with them; some were born within the walls and those immigrated to the thriving industrial town.

However, many were restricted to the town, due to past mistakes of higher powers. Many have mixed feelings about those who "bleed" oil and not blood, and whether or not they are to be even considered true Gaians. Some welcome the idea of exploration while others decide to stay in the Aekean boundaries, safe and without conflict.


This is a guild where those who share love of Aekea, it's mechanical culture, fashion, and site plot can meet together. The guild is focused on the user's avatar as a character and its interactions with other Aekeans, and other aspects of Gaian society. There is a guild story line, roleplaying, contests and perhaps inter-guild activities along with information about Gaia's robot population, and a guide to help you become one of the Mechanical Children of Gaia.