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The home for those who wish to live deliberately~


This guild is currently under construction. Since there has been no activity in it for a very long time, the subforums are being renovated and many threads are being either deleted or sent to the Graveyard to be visited for nostalgia's sake. No guild member's art, no matter how active they were, will ever be deleted. Also, all Crew are being demoted back to the Member title, but this is in no way a personal action - the only purpose for this is to put everyone back on a level field, because of the fact of how long it has truly been since there has been any activity in this guild - other than my attempt to revive TFWL, which I'm no longer certain I want to do at this moment. Everyone will be notified when that long journey is finally underway. If you happen to revisit this guild at any time, please do not worry - you are ALWAYS welcome back here. No matter if you only lurked around here and made only a single post, or if you were highly active at most times, or anywhere in between, our door is always open. Once you've walked through that door, this will always be your home. Don't ever think you've been forgotten by your eccentric Cap'n Banshee.

If you think this place is your cup of tea, we'd love to have you come aboard. We can have fun sharing our stories - and maybe some of those cups of tea - as long as you enjoy your stay.

~ Your captain,
Banshee Coffeetime