Welcome to

The home for those who wish to live deliberately~


This guild is currently under construction. Since there has been no activity in it for a very long time, the subforums are being renovated and many threads are being either deleted or sent to the Graveyard to be visited for nostalgia's sake. No guild member's art, no matter how active they were, will ever be deleted. Also, all Crew are being demoted back to the Member title, but this is in no way a personal action - the only purpose for this is to put everyone back on a level field, because of the fact of how long it has truly been since there has been any activity in this guild - other than my attempt to revive TFWL, which I'm no longer certain I want to do at this moment. Everyone will be notified when that long journey is finally underway. If you happen to revisit this guild at any time, please do not worry - you are ALWAYS welcome back here. No matter if you only lurked around here and made only a single post, or if you were highly active at most times, or anywhere in between, our door is always open. Once you've walked through that door, this will always be your home. Don't ever think you've been forgotten by your eccentric Cap'n Banshee.

Our humble home started out as an art guild, but roleplay is what people mostly do here, we decided to change our focus a bit. XD
That being said, we are also very passionate about all other forms of art, and invite you to share yours with us, enjoy what other members have cooked up, and go nuts talking with people about the things that make your art world go 'round! Who knows? It could be fun. You may even broaden your horizons and learn a bit! ^_^

We accept everyone, and this is a friendly environment, so don't be afraid of joining.

~Guild Rules~

I - Follow Gaia's TOS.
I shouldn't even have to list that here.
II - Be excellent to each other. That means being fair and respectful to everyone, regardless of their background, personal tastes, views, etc. Got a problem with someone's personal choices or anything like that? Take it outside the guild. Someone GIVING you a problem? Talk to me in PM. I will end it.
III - Follow all roleplay rules. Pretty much every RP will have its own set of rules, most of them obvious, probably. If you choose to join that RP, that means you have to follow those rules. I should not have to explain this, because there are rules to EVERYTHING, whether you want to believe it or not. Try to float off the ground, and the rules of physics will laugh at you and slam your behind back down to earth. That's just how it goes.
IV - Listen to the Crew/Mods - The Crew are Crew for a reason. That reason is that I picked them, thinking they would do a great job at it. If they tell you something, or correct you on something, you should listen to them. If you think a Crew or the Mod of an RP (Person who created and/or runs it) is being unfair to you, again, tell me about it in PM and we will work something out. If you think I'M being unfair to you, then we'll talk it out and come to a decision. If you're still unsatisfied, there's nothing else I can do for you. Just so you know, I do NOT play favorites, I do NOT pick sides in arguments, and I DO NOT MAKE EXCEPTIONS.
V - A clean guild is a happy guild. What I mean by that is, no spamming/bumping in threads outside the Chatterbox/General Discussion subforum, no making posts/threads that don't match the subforum (like talking about art in the RP subforum), and last but not least, NO making duplicate threads! Look to see if the thread you want to make, or one similar to it, already exists. Any duplicate/copycat threads I find will go to the Graveyard.
VI - And finally, have fun! - Yeah, that's not really a rule, is it? I just put it up here so that everyone knows that all in all, everyone's here to have a good time. Came up with a new idea you think would be awesome? We'd LOVE to hear about it! Not having fun with the RP you're currently in or project you're working on? Give yourself a break! It's not fun if you force yourself - believe me, I've learned that the hard way more than once! And trust me, everyone will understand if you need to take a break for a while! If you're worried about your character in an RP, someone can fill in for you, or we can make some other kind of arrangement. All in all, don't stress yourself out, and don't hold back your imagination. Have a blast!

If you think this place is your cup of tea, we'd love to have you come aboard. We can have fun sharing our stories - and maybe some of those cups of tea - as long as you enjoy your stay.

~ Your captain,
Banshee Coffeetime