Welcome to the Legend Of Zelda Guild! Here we have many RP's, and a separate sub-forum for them!. Currently we do not have a joining fee.

We will NOT accept empty join forms.
And we will NOT accept major text talkers.

So ihf yhu tlk lik dis in yur request 2 join yu wnt b accepted.

Don't just say, "I love the Legend Of Zelda, please please please let me join." You won't be accepted. Tell us why you want to join, and tell us what you would like to bring to this guild: would you like to start a RP, meet new people, hangout, etc etc.

PLEASE NOTE: To put it bluntly, we don't really care how many Zelda games you own or how much you know about the games. We're not looking for know-it-all braggarts. Anybody that wishes to join may join if they fit the criteria listed above.
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