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We're happy to have you!

The Legend of Zelda Hangout is opening its doors again as a PUBLIC Gaia Guild! Even if you aren't a member of this community, hop on inside the forums and join the conversation! If you enjoy your experience, consider joining us! We're now one of the oldest and most populated Zelda fan guilds on Gaia and we've never charged a membership fee, thanks to our members' support. We're known for our "friends chat" atmosphere and for having an open-ended plethora of topics for discussion, including help threads, analytical discussions, news, and more!

If you would like to become an official member, click the "Join" button above and please give us a reasonable statement about why you'd like to join us!

Current Events and News

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds has been released! Jump inside the forums to talk about your experience with this exciting new installment to the series!!

With all of the information and reveals from E3, we're overwhelmed with all kinds of exciting new things to think about and discuss!! Join us inside our Gaming News forum to see not only what's new in the world of Zelda, but also about topics such as Super Smash Bros., the PS4, Xbox One, and more!

Thanks to the generous support of our members, we've been able to purchase a TLoZH-exclusive Chatroom! If you'd like to join the chat and talk with other members in real time, click the "Join Chat" button above or follow this LINK

We always welcome any other gaming news and discussions, so look within our Gaming and News subforums to see what's being discussed outside of Zelda. Don't see a title or news article you think is interesting? Post it up for all to see!

New Donations Policy
Thanks to all of our members' wonderful generosity over these years, we have plenty of gold in the guild account, but unfortunately the staff can only use it for the purchasing of subforums and sending guild announcements. In order to keep up the funds for future events and contests, please send gold donations to our new TLoZH Guild Treasurer, Zashiye. His account is handled by [.Torina.]/Akeyami. Please click the link to his profile to start a new trade! Thank you!!!!!!

Basic Rules
arrow Prove that you read this page, or at least that you have some enthusiasm for the LoZ series by typing in a good statement about why you want to join this guild if and when you apply.
arrow Please send [.Torina.] PMs before requesting to be her friend or a guild affiliate. You DO NOT need to pm her to request to join the guild; only fill out the appropriate "Request to Join" form.
arrow If you were denied membership, you probably did not give a reasonable statement as to why you wanted to join. Please feel free to try again later and post in the forums as a public guest in the meantime. PMING A CREW MEMBER DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY GET YOU A GUILD INVITE.
arrow OBEY ALL Gaia rules and ToS
arrow Respect ALL Crew members and mods
arrow Stay generally on topic in threads (Aside from chatterbox) and post in appropriate subforums
arrow Please do not take artwork, banners, pictures, fanfictions, roleplays or anything else of that sort without the ORIGINAL owner's permission (RELEASED Nintendo images that are already circulated and available on the Web are fine)
arrow Enjoy yourselves! This is a "hangout" guild for a reason; it is not restricted to only hardcore fans, etc. We are known for having a lax, friendly atmosphere!

If you have any questions, please see our FAQ: here! If your question is still not answered, please feel free to contact a member of the crew directly.

All banners, roleplay characters, forum/topic names, original written work and pictures are copyrighted to their original owners and creators. Please ask [.Torina.] through a pm if you wish to use anything in these categories. She will grant you permission based on the owner's answer.

The Legend of Zelda series itself is owned and copyrighted by Nintendo and is not (currently) affiliated with Gaia Online or the owner of this guild. Its official ideas, artwork, and merchandise are owned and rightfully reserved by Nintendo.

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