Welcome To the Land of a Thousand Polls!

If you sing "Land of a Thousand Dances" I'll send vicious bunny ninjas out on you. >.<

About LTP
Once, far back in the mists of time, all of gaia was a happy place. No one was a n00b, and everyone got along. Then, everything changed. Nobody knows why, perhaps it was because people stopped getting standardized amounts of gold for polls. *cough* But, suddenly, people started taking advantage of each other, and only caring about what gold they could make.
This guild's purpose is trying to get back to the old days. Days before n00bs, before dictatorial guild leaders who ask you to give them gold and just use it for themselves, and before everyone was so mean to each other, just for the sake of gold.
However, don't get the wrong idea, there is plenty of gold to be made here, but, more importantly, there are plenty of Friends to be made as well.

To Join LTP Please Fill Out These Questions in your Submission
1. How Did You Find This Guild
2. Why Do You Want To Join
3. On A Scale Of 1-10 How literate Are you? (the only important question)


2/30/07 We're under construction!! Get your hard hats, kids!

Old Updates

3/12 Vice Cap'n Fyora is now Captain Fyora!!
1/26 Vice Cap'n Fyora has returned!!!
1/18 Vice Cap'n Fyora's hiatus began.
10/25 Truce of the Cold War of the Guilds!!.. Hm. 0_o Does that make us Russia, or the US?
10/10 Holy crap. I just learned yesterday tha there was a Tom Cruise parody NPC. Wow. XD
10/1 I finally worked on the homepage. Looks better, no? n.n? The art was provided by Lustral. It's my first avi art! ^-^

If You Wish To Be Here Pleas Pm The Owner For Details

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