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The Kuro Gang was established by Don Kuro "aka Luca" in Durem to promote the beings of Dark Elves as a take over initiative. The Black Ops lurk in their aboveground base of operations, ready to carry out orders at the drop of a hat.


If you are interested, read our requirements first:

1. You have to have a flexible schedule, and must be able to post at least 2-3 times per week without any long-term interruptions. We are accepting if your power or internet goes out for a bit, if you have to get your computer repaired, if you're moving, if college exams are coming up, things like that, but do not bother applying if you're spread out thin on a day-to-day basis or if you can't reliably participate. We require dedication, and the pace of the plot can be quite demanding.

2. We're looking for roleplayers passionate about Gaia lore and are willing to put forth new content to supplement it! Our roleplay is steeped in a balance of Gaia lore and original content. We're always looking for fresh plots and different locations. If you do join, we want you to at the very minimum come up with one plotline that should involve other members of the gang and help develop your character and his or her relationship with the others. New locations are welcome too, but not at all mandatory; building and maintaining them can be a lot of work.

3. A willingness to learn, a mind open to trying something new, and ears willing to listen to what others have to say are all much more important than previous roleplaying experience. We prefer some experience but don't require it; it's more of a convenience than anything.

4. You need to be able to stick with us for the long term. Most of our members have stayed here for years and treat this guild as much more than something to be picked up and tossed aside a few weeks or months later. Nearly everyone in the guild became friends with at least one other roleplayer here just by sticking around.

If you meet these requirements, fill out the form below, paying special attention to in-character and out of character sections. You need to have a dark elf roleplaying character in mind if you want him or her to be part of the Black Ops in-story*.

Note: do not copy down the questions themselves as there's a 2000 character limit to applications, and depending on the question the answers can get quite wordy. Just number/letter your responses accordingly.

Out of Character---
1. Amount of roleplaying/writing experience:
2. If applicable, existing roleplays you're in or had been a part of:
3. Your favorite Gaia plotline:
4. What's one thing you think hasn't been explained well or at all in the official plot? (keep it short...):
5. Give an approximation of the times you'll most likely post:

In Character---
A. Name:
B. What are your major skills?:
C. Why do you think the Kuros sent you here?:
D. What are your main goals?:
E. Give us a quick little intro about yourself:

If you don't want to play as a dark elf and you believe you have a very good alternative in mind for your character (like starting in a different place or belonging to an opposing or neutral faction, etc.), do not apply using the form but instead PM Maerua or I Sinistro I directly and either one will talk with you over it, possibly letting you in anyway.

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