The Jedi Order

Welcome to the Jedi Order Guild. We are a group of individuals dedicated to training and living as Jedi. This includes martial arts, meditation, contemplation of the Force and its uses/applications, mediation skills, learning of the very Jedi fiction/history/lore in order to understand further how to live as Jedi, and continual advancement of the Mind and Body.

The Jedi believe that all living things are a part of the living Force, they deserve respect, and in turn we should treat all beings as we would seek to be treated ourselves. Our focus is on aiding others--in any way, in any capacity that we can while defining our own path, and walking that path.

The Jedi Order Guild is not a Role-Playing group, despite its sources within fiction. The Jedi Order believes in helping others and seeking to improve this world, one situation at a time. If you wish to learn more or become a part of this Guild, please contact Jet Black X or any other moderator/Vice Captain.

::_Helpful Links_::

The Introduce Yourself thread, which should be your first post in the Order.

The Library which will give you a ton of useful information on the Jedi Order.

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When applying, please remember that the Jedi Order Guild is to help its members become more disciplined in their lives by studying the Jedi. If you say you're joining because you like Ewoks, we will suggest that you go to a fan guild instead. While applying, please put in the word 'lightsaber' at the end of your message so that we're aware that you read this front page. Thanks!