Space. A vast expanse of all-pervaded nothingness punctuated by billions upon billions of stellar systems. One system in particular, a shining jewel in the black, was particularly crowded: the Weylend System, the home of the Imperial Remnant, the remains of the once mighty Galactic Empire. Gargantuan vessels bristling with weapons filled the void, supported by smaller but equally deadly craft. Ships of all sizes docked with enormous space stations, connecting the Imperial Remnant to its member worlds.

The planet itself was a beauty to behold, a jewel of Emerald greens and Sapphire blues when viewed from space. The breathtaking picture only grew as one descended towards the surface, revealing dense jungles and white sand beaches in a pleasant temperature. Ancient seaport ruins dotted the coastline of the main continent.

The Imperial City, however, was a marvel of architecture. Built from the ground up to merge seamlessly with the jungles, her tall spires peeking up through the kilometer high tree canopy. Fabulously colored parrots chatter ceaselessly as the pedestrians of the city go about their daily businesses, the pleasant greens and constant shade from the jungle canopy giving an overall feel of peace to all who tread the streets.

The tallest building spire of all stood tall among the trees, the top floor barely a foot above the leaves. One large window dominated a section of the wall, and one man stared out at his world, his silhouette dark against the bright sunlight pouring through the glass. He turns away from the window, the faint vestiges of a smile upon his features. He steps over to a communications system, speaking into the microphone.

"Welcome to the Imperial Remnant. I am the Grand Moff Alexei Sukov, and this is our home, our... refuge, among the stars. While the galaxy is embroiled by war, we are safe here, protected by our fine military. We are building a new Empire, my friends. An Empire of Peace, built by diplomacy and tact. When threats arise, from those who would take away our way of life... We will fight. For we are the Empire... and we shall rise again..."

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