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Welcome to the Haven for Harry Potter Fanatics guild!
We're a place where hard core Harry Potter fans and fanatics can chat all about Harry Potter.
You can also chat about other things too, in designated subforums.
Fanartists, Fanfiction writers and Role Players are welcome too, of course!
We're also a literate guild which means we have a very low tolerance for chat and text message speak.

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Guild Rules:

1. We prize literacy. You must put periods at the end of your sentences, and capitalizing will not kill you. Only literates need apply now. (We accept small spelling errors and keyboard screw ups, as long as you try). We weed through and ban illiterates. If you use chatspeak you will be immediately banned and/or rejected. Spell check is our friend.
2. No asking for a boyfriend, or those kinds of threads ANYWHERE! Not even in the designated places for regular chitter-chatter, doing this will get you removed from the guild.
3. We must be able to communicate with you. That means your profile cannot be set to private. (You can always delete any profile comment you don't like).
4. Please be sure to read our Welcome -See Me First Thread! and see if you are willing to abide by our guidelines BEFORE you apply. We appreciate the meaningful poster. Respect the rules and have fun!

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Owl Post

We aren't friendly to the ignorant fan, therefore we ask you to fill the following out and paste it with the correct answers in your application to join our Guild. Please be mindful of your grammar, spelling and capitalizing. It's not that hard, just general Harry Potter questions.

Your Gaia Name
Why you want to be in the guild
Are you literate, or at least semi-literate?

Answer these simple questions about Harry Potter:
- What color are Harry's eyes?

- When is Harry's birthday?

-What lives in the Weasley Family's attic?

- What are Inferi?

- Whose wand core is the same as Harry's?

- Who is Harry Potter?

-Who is your favorite character in the series, and why?

- How many of the 7 books have you read and which ones?

It's ok if you don't know all of the answers. Just try your best!

Once you enter you must be sorted into a House. No, it is not a roleplay, you earn your house points and each term we award the House cup to the House with the highest total. The top points winner in each House get gold, or something special, and the top House will get prizes which are gifted in random number draws. Occasionally we have House against House competitions too. Upon acceptance to the Guild, enter and be sorted!

Be sure to check our Welcome -See Me First Thread for updates each time you visit the Guild.
You will find the link to our Sorting Hat there, and it's the first place we post our news!

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Our New FanFiction Contest is open- subject: Severus Snape!

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Already a member of Haven? Help get the word out and add a banner to your signature.
Banners can be found HERE.

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Instead, donate to the Guild by Setting up a Trade with our GUILD MULE,