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Welcome to The Guild That Has No Name

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We Are just a bunch of dork and dumbasses who like to chat, joke around, and just be dorks.
If you can't handle cruel humor, cursing, perversion, and just really flat out wrong and retarded crap
then please think twice before joining.
We like to joke around and nothing is out of bounds with us.
(unless its breaking the Gaia Tos ._.)
So easily offended people are not wanted. XP

We are a Hell hole but thats how we like it.


1. Follow Gaia's Tos
2. Follow TGTHNN Rules
3. Be active.
4. Every topic must have a poll. We love them they are like crack.
5. Do not spam the thread in the main forum with useless crap and emoticons.
6. Try not to hijack people thread to start you own conversation, simply make you own thread.
7. No starting real fights, do not go over bored and turn play fights into real fights.
8. No cybering, Porn links/pics, or any trolling crap.
9. Do not ever ask to be on crew, if you ask your chances of making it on crew go down.
10. Bump/useless spam threads and Art threads are allowed but placed in correct subforum.

Current Events:

The counter started on April 9 2007 died cause the site is gone so here is a new one.
Started May 27, 2009

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Please send all donation in a trade labeled TGTHNN Donation to TGTHNN Mule.
Currently you can't take out gold using the thing below so it becomes useless.