Welcome To The Great Lion's Den.

What We Are:
We are pretty much just your general hang out guild. Different members within our guild may have your common interests, however this guild is for all of our fellow gaians. We like to pride ourselves on our welcoming disposition. Anyone and everyone is welcome. However if you fail to follow our rules, or you mess with our captain or vice captains we will not be so welcoming. We strongly encourage you to join our guild and come see what we're all about.

Our Rules:
In addition to the gaia TOS we have a few rules here.
1. You will be nice to the captain and vice captains. I cannot stress this enough. Failure to do so will result in immediate banning from this guild with no opportunity to comply or a second chance.
2. You will not argue. If there is something that one of your superiors does that you do not like, you have no right second guess them. If you believe that a crew member is abusing privaleges you may report them to a captain or vice captain.
3. You will not flame. This applies to everyone. You have to obey and you get no warnings. Flaming or Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated. Flaming or discriminating against anyone or any gender, race, sexual orientation, nationality [etc.] will result in immediate banning.

Who Are We?
Captain: dead toa666
Vice Captain: The Delightful Tragedy
Vice Captain: doc twilight

Crew Members: