Welcome Ladies and Gentleman to the new, Gerard Butler Guild 2.0.

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We are happy to announce that the guild has been saved and we are doing much to revamp and rearrange the guild. It is once again open for business, brought off the hidden list and back to the public... well not quite its private and you have to apply to be in it but yeah its open and you can request to join.

When requesting to Join there are just a few simple things that we would like you to keep in mind.


arrow Please don?t PM the mods about joining. Hit the button at the top and tell me why you want to join.
arrow Keep in mind this is not just a Phantom of the Opera guild. It is a place to celebrate the wonderful acting skills of Gerard Butler.
arrow We have very strict rules about Spamming and Fangirl/boy behaviour. We don?t want to here in your application to join that you are in love with Gerry or that you want to bare his Children. That?s a private thing that the public does not need to know.
arrow Once you are accepted to the guild please go straight to the rules announcement and read it and understand what is going on. The Announcements and the Stickies are their to facilitate your participation in the guild.

We are proud to be a community of fans who have a great love and appreciation for the movies that Gerard Butler has added his talents to, that being said, we do have some rules that we would like you to follow when in the guild! Here is a short overview of the rules that are posted in the guild. Just because they are here on the main page doesn?t mean you don?t have to read them in the Guild. It is absolutely important that you read the rules in the guild.

Keep to the Gaia TOS
No Spamming
No Vulgarity
You must be active in the guild or be banned.

We hope that you enjoy your time with us! We are excited to see the Guild grow and prosper on the GGN

Thank you for taking the time to read the Home Page and please do feel free to request to join