This is a guild about The GazettE.

Thanks for your support everyone, you've really made me proud to be a guild mommy. ^^

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If you're looking to join, just tell me why you think you should join. I don't mind if it's a small, stupid sentence like "See Ruki run". Just send me a request expressing a general interest in Gazette, and I'll accept...unless of course I just don't like you. Which usually isn't the case...

...Unless you're a Diru-elitist. I'm not talking about fans, I like Diru, too. I'm talking about people who bash The GazettE because they kind of remind them of Dir en Grey. I'm here to tell you that The GazettE does not copy Dir en Grey. Period. Just because Aoi looks like Toshiya does not mean he's trying to steal his style. And Ruki has a completely different voice from Kyo, too. So, there.

Even if you want to join just to learn about The GazettE because you've recently heard one of their songs, or you saw one of the members, and were like "OMG, he's so hoooooot!" =o

I like making fellow fans. Must spread the love. ;3333

Please feel free to look around and tell your friends, make friends, babble your fannishness about.

Guild Captain, Vice Captains, and Mods



(Me! Don't worry, I don't bite...unless you want me to, or something.)

----_Vice Captains_----

Mana The Cat Demon

(My best friend. Mess with her, ah keel yoo!)


(One of our founding members. We have her to thank for a lot of things. 3)


(She made the banner for the registry and sets up the contests and what not. 3)


(Good friend and member that also searches Hot Topic for j-rock mags. B)

-DrInKiNg ViNeGaR-

(Vinegar is good for cleaning out your arteries, you know. =O )


(The Godzilla of the Swedish Fish! ;D)


Samurai no Aku

(A fellow artist of mine, and a great person to talk to. =D)

Shattered Valentine

(Good, active member whom I love talking to. ^^)


(Another fellow artist who draws uber cute! ;3)


(Ruki-love abound!! >D)


(Who is apparently my clone. xD)

Love the GazettE but love j-rock in general, too? That's okay, we've got subforums for different bands, too, and we're still looking for more!

Bands that have subforums

Dir en Grey

Antique Cafe


The Mana Projects
(Malice Mizer, Moi Dix Mois)


Lovely-Mocochang (LM.C)


Alice Nine



Danger Gang




Have any suggestions? Join and tell me what other bands to add!

Please note that this is not a real's just a guild name. Thank you.

...By the way, you still owe me that 10 yen. With interest. Pay up.