The Gaian Wedding Chapel Inc is on a long-term hiatus.

However, the Playroom is still open, so that you guys can at least chat if you want.

The GWCI may return in the future. The more interest you guys show, the more likely we'll reopen.

The GWCI has been Spotlighted 4 times: May 25th - 30th 2010, August 18th - 20th 2010, August 10th - 16th 2011, and again, December 13th - 23rd 2011.

Welcome to The Gaian Wedding Chapel Incorporated. Our goal is to make the day you've been waiting for truly special. From small scale private weddings to humongous public weddings, we will help you achieve that perfect wedding you've always dreamed of. The GWCI will plan your wedding to the last detail. You'll have excellent wedding planners, priests, photographers, and artists in your grasp, who will all help to make your wedding memorable. The price, you ask? Don’t be bothered. We have different packages that range from cheaper weddings, perfect for new Gaians who want to get married, to the luxurious Royal Treatment package, which will provide you with additional freebies such as thank you cards and a wedding video! No matter the price, the GWCI will work to ensure that your wedding will be as perfect as possible, and will strive to make you feel like a king or queen on that special day.

Customers are also able to rent or buy dresses and suits for discounted prices for your big day. Not only does the GWCI plan weddings, we also plan parties, for all you birthday celebrants, or people who just like to party! This guild is not only for business, though. You can also hang out in our different forums such as the Play Room, where you can join in different games and talk about stuff you want. The Gaian Wedding Chapel Incorporated...making people happier, one wedding at a time.

To Join: If you want to take part of the festivities, all you need to do is clic Join Guild. There is an Entry Fee of 10gg to Join this Guild. You may join whether you wish to use our services or just for the fun of it, and take part in our Competitions, Special Events, and more!

~ Thank you for choosing The Gaian Wedding Chapel, Inc. ~

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