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Welcome to the guild of the Gaian-Sponsored Nudity Event!

This guild is mostly used for information for the Gaian-sponsored Nudity Event held in the Charity/Quest sub-forums. If you have questions, want to know about the event, and/or you want to join in, you'll want to check out that thread.

from June 17th to June 30th users remove all of their Gaian-items, save for a few selected undergarments, so that they can earn gold/items from generous users to give to a charity or quest of their choice. It's a very sacrificial event since the nudists don't do this for themselves, but rather for someone else's cause. And not being able to change your avatar for two weeks can be really hard for some of our nudists! They also must be active.

In this guild, we'll have nudists posting during the event to make sure they're coming on Gaia while they're nude. In addition, you can find incentives that some nudists and threads are giving away if you help them.