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Peace, Love & Music!

This Guild is the ultimate social product of the "Gaian Hippie Movement" thread (Whose goal it was --and is!-- to create enough interest, and recruit enough members to get hippie clothes and items implemented in Gaia... we're still working on it... Feel free to drop in to the GHM as well anytime!)

"Pull up in your VW busses and beetles, grab a spot on our lush green lawn, and jam out for a while! Play some hacky-sack, enjoy each others' company, and be mellow.


Any and all negative posts WILL be deleted. This is a peaceful community of positive energy. So please feel free to come here anytime and chat! Meet up with other Gaian hippies, and make this guild a comfy home! Enjoy the atmosphere, and feel free to message me at any time!

Music lyrics are welcomed! Post away! Chill and enjoy!"

(Head Flower Child, Crazy Phish Phan, & Founder of the GHM & GHG!!!)