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he GJC is the place to find a Gaian job or people to work in your shop, thread, guild ect. There is no join form, just click join and send in a request.

Gaian job? This isn't a real-life job where you get paid real money - this is a job where you can do tasks on Gaia for other users [such as bumping, advertising, etc.] and get paid Gaian gold.

ant workers? If you are looking to hire someone to help in your guild/thread/shop you can have them come to you.

hat's cool about the guild is if you're waiting to get your job/workers or you're just bored, you can check out our sub forums. We have plenty to do. Be sure to check out our guide. It has our rules, affiliates, banners, the awards we've won, and more.

If you want your guild banner to be posted here check out our Advertising thread
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f you want your gold to go towards the GJC then please send a trade to GJC Treasurer labeled Donation. THANK YOU

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