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In the beginning, there was only Xaos. A constantly moving, formless mass, Xaos was a being of Chaos which roamed during the time when there was no time, in the place where not even space existed. It was a being which was all, and yet nothing. And it was from Xaos that Aeon was born. And where Xaos was all that was unclear and uncertain, Aeon was all that was pure and clear. Most of all, Aeon was Life. And when Xaos and Aeon mingled, the result was the birth of the five Spirits.

The first of the five spirits to be born was Akasha, the spirit of Aether. It was Akasha's body where the other four spirits inhabited, Akasha's body serving as a barrier against the chaotic and pure forces which had created them. Following Akasha, was Gaes. Gaes, unlike his sister, was a corporeal being who was born old and wise. He sat in the center of Akasha's body, and, being the considerate brother he was, allowed for allowed for both Aros and Ilithien to live upon him, the spirits of Water and Air. Finally, the fifth spirit was born. He was the spirit of Fire, and because of his intensity was unable to coexist with his brothers and sisters. His very touch burned Gaes, each breath he took drained a bit of Aros' life, and Ilithien's very presence threatened to douse his life. So, he remained away from from his siblings, his very body forming the sun even from it's distance warmed Gaes's body. And for a time these five spirits coexisted peacefully, and all was well. For a time. For outside of Akasha's body something disturbing was happening, something which would, in turn, affect each of the spirits.

By Xaos' very nature, Xaos was an empty being. A void, an abyss filled to the brim with nothingness. It was within Xaos that Aeon lived, wrapped gently in Xaos' arms, and in between the two where Akasha was nestled. With the birth of Akasha, however, and with Aeon's very presence, Xaos was beginning to lose the very thing it was. So Xaos demanded that Akasha, and all other children of Aeon, be killed, and were then to be consumed by Xaos. Aeon, having grown attached to their children, refused. Xaos, enraged, pushed aside Aeon and swallowed Akasha whole. Aeon, horrorstruck by Xaos' actions, leapt inside of Xaos' body, and, to protect her children from being digested by Xaos, wrapped herself tightly around Akasha. By then, however, Xaos chaotic energy had already eaten away at Akasha's body, and when Aeon wrapped herself around the body of her child the very light of her being shown through for all of her other children to see.

Over time, pieces of Aeon began to drift through the wholes in Akasha's body and, having no where to go, landed upon Gaes's body. As time went on, and these pieces of Aeon began to build up on Gaes, and even within Ilithien. So bad was it that even Aros was unable to move with the freedom he often demanded. So, not thinking, the three spirits began to consume the pieces of Aeon. The result was extraordinary, and just as Aeon was able to create the spirits the spirits found that with the pieces of their mother that they too were able to create life. And so it was that the three spirits went about creating life as they saw fit. With her share, Ilithien created fish, and all other various forms of aquatic life. And, with Gaes's help, covered his body with thick, lush forests and meadows of winding grass and flowers. Aros created birds, and all lifeforms who flew through the air or lived to know the touch and voice of the wind. And Gaes created beasts, and other animals which dwell on his body, unable to live in the depths of Ilithien and unable to dance with Aros in the air. But Gaes did not use all of the pieces of Aeon, for he knew that though pieces of Aeon drifted to their isolated sibling, Aed, that Aed's very intensity was so great that the pieces were smothered to death, leaving Aed unable to take part and share with his siblings the joy of creating life. So, being the considerate sibling he was, Gaes helped Aed create life, and it was from the collaboration of the two that the first beings were created. Humans.

So curious were the Humans, that all the siblings stopped in their making and examine them. Unlike any of the other creations made by the spirits, the Humans were so much more different then anything else that had been made. There was something also quite intriguing about them, and soon enough other races were made. Aros quickly set about create the race that would be known as Featherfolk, humanoid beings who could not only walk along Gaes's body but take to the skies and know the voice of the wind. Ilithien made the Mer, aquatic people who lived beneath the surface of the ocean. Gaes then made the Mineralians, a subterranean race who lived within Gaes's very skin. And Akasha, who tried to control the amount of Aeon which seeped into her body, created the Elves, stellar beings who inhabited the forests. And finally, with the combined efforts of five spirits, the Aresians were born. A titanic race which embodied a part of each spirit.

And though the spirits no longer had the ability to create life as they had once before, the spirits found that their very creations, as a result of having been made by pieces of Aeon, were capable of creating life on their own. To their joy, the races flourished, and soon both the seas, land, and sky were filled with life. And for a time, everything was good. But as of late, in the coming millennium, Xaos' influence has begun to show up in the universe. Even now he still fights Aeon, wrestling with the primordial goddess for Akasha and the other spirits. And though the spirits wish to aid their mother, to help her fend off Xaos, should any of the leave Akasha's body not only would they be unable to do anything but they would upset the balance of the world. Without the Spirit of Water, there would be no water No rain showers, clouds, rivers, streams, or seas. Without the Spirit of Air there would be no winds, no air to breath nor fly through, and all would be still. Without the Spirit of Fire there would be no sun to give life to the plants, no fire to keep warm all whom rely on the heat during a cold winter. And the Spirit of Earth would not dare attempt to help, for it was his very body which supported all of the life. And sweet, poor Akasha was doing everything she could just to ensure that Xaos' voracious hunger did not consume her, and undo all that had been done. So the Spirits came together, and decided that they would need to send another in their place. Someone who would be able to stand up to Xaos and seal him away. A hero would need to be born.

So it was decided that such a hero would be born, and aiding the hero would be the Champions, beings whom worked in the name of the spirits. But time is running out, and the effects of Xaos' growing influence in the universe is beginning to show. The stars have begun to wink out of existence, a sign of Aeon's waning strength, and a darkness is growing on Spieriea like nothing seen before. The Hero must move quickly, or all will be returned... to Chaos.