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The Forum Regulars is a friendly getaway from the high opinions of the forums. No matter what stance you took, we won't judge you for it because all opinions long as they were not troll-like or abusive.

So once you're here, forgive and forget. We're here to have fun!

Here are some things we like in our members
  • Nice general discussions
  • Role players
  • Avatar enthusiasts
  • Contest lovers
  • and other things. wink

So if you want to join, please copy/paste the application below into your Join Request with all areas filled out. Please allow us a week before you receive our response.

Guild Application

[align=center][b]So tell us a bit about yourself![/b][/align]

Are you more active in guilds or forums?

How many hours do you think you're on Gaia per day?

Is there anyone in the guild you know?

What about this guild attracted you?

What things are you hoping to do here?

If you do not get in and you want a reason, then you can PM either Catalyste or a Vice Captain.

And if you're one of the lucky ones who are invited to the guild, then you can PM Catalyste or one of the Vice Captains with any questions about the guild or how you were nominated for an invitation.

Donations? All donations go to the guild mule (That Forum Reg) through Trade or Gifting. Thank you.

Welcome to the Guild!