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This is a guild where Bloodsuckers, Dogs, pointy eared folk and even aliens can Roleplay... Not so peacefully.
We hit our three year anniversary on March 17th!
We are a literate Roleplaying guild. We are also a substantially active guild. That does NOT mean we don't welcome newcomers to Roleplaying, Roleplaying guilds, or both. Please, we'd love to have you here!
We are a fun, loving, family guild. We give second chances, but don't throw caution to the wind.
We have a few rules so please hang in there and read them.

1 No killing other peoples characters without consent from them.
2 Romance is very much welcomed but please keep it to PG-13. If your RP leads to "that thing" please time skip.
3 These are real Vampires and Werewolves. You can incorporate different Vampire traits from different stories but we do not go around sparkling every time we walk in light or wait for full moons to transform.
4 No God-modding. (Using other people's characters)
Be literate. NO text talk.
6 Be active. Post at least once a week in each of your Roleplays here.
7 Do not disrespect the Captain, Vice Captains, Crew, the Members, or the guild itself in any way.
8 Last but most of all, follow the Gaia ToS and Rules.

A small sample of writing is required so we can assess your Roleplaying ability. If you have never Roleplayed before (therefore having no sample) just say so in the join request.
Please answer these questions in your join request.
Are you active?:
Small sample of RP writing:

Somewhere in your join request please put, "Hungry For More" so we know you read the rules.

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