Welcome to Etrua, the region of dreams.

Hello and welcome to the Etrua Region. Here you will find a whole new world with excitement around every corner just waiting to be discovered. A brand new journey starting with a basic Pokémon and working your way through the entire region awaits. You will battle tough trainers, collect eight badges, destroy the evil Team Celestia, and fight your way to the very top to become the true champion of Etrua.

Yes, this guild will be very similar to the game in a lot of ways but we're hoping with your input and help to make it something truly unique and wonderful.

We accept semi-lit to highly lit RPers in this guild. Sorry insert action guys but we want a little more out of our members. That means that we need a small sample RP to be submitted with your join request. It can be a sample RP of a human or Pokémon but not as a Legendary. Let's see what you can do as an average Joe! If you don't make the cut the first time around then try again later! Your sample also cannot be a link to a thread already in existence and must include samples of dialogue.

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We are currently not accepting donations at this time because our bank is overflowing! Thank you for the offer though!